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My names Jessyka, I'm 15 n go to Omaha North High. Gay skewl, yes I kno. I'ma sophmore! Yay? haha yeah, okey sure. Well I like to listen to muzique, talk to my buddiez(online or phone, but mostly online) hang out wit my buddiez(cuz we pimp like that ^_^) get on here to do gay shit that for sum reason i like to do? and read my good books. I'ma lozer. Or atleast that's wut I've been told by many. I'm also a dork, which has been proven. Well that's basically all boutz me.
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:: 10.07.2002 ::

Tiz bored. Shall be all. Haven't updated ina long fucking time. Well later. Forgot the site. Now I've found it. Shall update later. Bye
:: DeSsHyKaZ 10/07/2002 11:44:00 AM [+] ::
:: 9.08.2002 ::
..::Updating, WoW....::..

[Bored. Ain't nothin to do. Wuz talkin to Colin, but he's not talkin n e more. Sux. I miss him. haha yeah. Well nothin new has happened, that I wanna post n e wayz. No skewl tomorrow, yay for that.I'm tired, bored, and my throat hurts. Grrrr... I need sumfin to drink. Ehhhhh. This is gay. It just iz. There's no use for it. Ehhhh but ohh well. Get over it. No one reads this n e wayz. So I don't care if I sound lame. Kiss my dam ass bitch. Yeah.... KMorg izn't workin. That's gay. I'm gona go now, n brush my teeth. L8erz]

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:: DeSsHyKaZ 9/08/2002 10:56:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.29.2002 ::
..::So Dam Bored::..

[Well yeah I'm bored. Figured I'ld update this, since I haven't in awhile. Uhhh I
feel pathetic. I'm listenin to Eminen "Cleanin Out My Closet". Ohh well. I like that song. I dont't really like Eminem but I like
his songs. Yeah. I'm talkin to buddi Josh. No one else is on. I'm tired. I'ma go to bed after I'm dun updating this. Yeah that's it.
I'm drinking Strawberry Melon Fruit Works. Yu kno yur jealous. Ohh yeah. Well I'm gonna go. Half asleep. Gonna say to buddi
Josh then turn off this. Yep. Plans. Will they work? Hopefully. Well I suppose that I tis out.


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:: DeSsHyKaZ 8/29/2002 10:25:00 PM [+] ::
:: 8.21.2002 ::
..::Finally Found It::..

[Well I finally found out how to update this more. It's been awhile huh? Ehhh say bout 2 or 3 months? haha it's not REALLY that long...
ha. Well tankiez buddiez Denny for helpin my bubbatarded self out n findin this. haha. She gave me the code that'll make it look
all perrty ful n yay-ness. haha. I started skewl yesterday. Didn't have n e classes wit n e of my buddiez(yesterday, A dayz),
cept Ashley (Supergirl) n that's gym. No body's really in that hour either. Just me, her, Nathan, ohh yeah n Autumn n Jess P.
Autumn's sucha retard. haha N then today wu a B day n I don't have n e classes wit n e body either. I have lunch wit Mairin. Haha
she's kewl. I miss our old lunch hour tho. And our old gym hour dude. AND STUDY HALL!
I mite dye my hair tonite. Or atleast I better. I wuz gonna on monday but we didn't have n e gloves or plastic wrap shit then
Juli wuz gonna last nite n so we went over there n I forgot my dye but Juli wuz leavin n e wayz so yeah. So *HOPEFULLY* I can tonite.
Seriously dude. I wonder wut it'll turn out to look like n shit. I bleached my hair back in may or june but it's originally blonde
n e wayz. So yeah, it's still kinda bright. The colors Candy Apple Red. Hopefully it'll look rite. Well I'ma go so bye to
whomever iz special enough to read this.

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..::Current Muzik::..[Hole- Celebrity Skin]
:: DeSsHyKaZ 8/21/2002 05:43:00 PM [+] ::
:: 6.03.2002 ::
haha tankies tankie buddiez Dennyfur, dis ish pimpi! haha yeah, well yu hafta show me how
do all dis other shizerdoodlez n everyding, so yeah, hahaha. dis ish kewl. well i'm dum but
ohh well, everyone will get over it! hahaha yeah, well i'ma go now so talk to yu laterz, n dennyfur, kan yu show me how to to da current mood n muzik dingy? tankie buddiez, bye
:: DeSsHyKaZ 6/03/2002 04:49:00 PM [+] ::

[Here Ya Go DeSsHyKaZ.]

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:: DeSsHyKaZ 6/03/2002 04:33:00 PM [+] ::

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